Why is Flutter the future of App Development?

Flutter is an optimum solution to develop apps for Android, iOS and more.

Build your Multi-platform apps with a single codebase using Flutter.

In today’s hyper-connected world, everyone is consuming massive content on the go - anytime, anywhere. With an increased adoption of mobile & other digital devices, the number of apps launching for Android & IOS are also exceedingly increasing every year. Lot of businesses still finding it quite challenging to find the right framework & app development tools to build a sustainable & successful product.

Businesses are looking to create a unique, impactful end-user experience for their customers, which should also be a quick compilation with optimized productivity. That’s how Flutter came into being! Flutter is an open-source mobile UI framework created by Google. It allows you to create apps using one programming language & one codebase for both Android & IOS IOS, Android, Web and Desktop. But before we delve any further into its USPs and benefits, let us first learn more about the scenarios that led us to Flutter…

A peek into the era of rising mobile dominance

Mobile technology arrived at yet another milestone in the form of the shift from voice to data, which unearthed the demand for apps for products & services that are an interface between the brands and their consumers. All aspects of the customer lifecycle are thus designed for a mobile interface in the form of apps. However, building these apps was an expensive proposition, with Java and Kotlin being the primary languages for mobile development. Developers had to write separate codes for Android and iOS platforms which obviously meant a duplication of time and efforts.

To address this challenge, developers came up with a comprehensive framework for HTML5 and Javascript based hybrid apps.

Say hello to Flutter!

In jargon-less terms, Flutter is a platform, which helps develop engaging and intuitive applications for iOS and Android using one common code. It is an open-source development toolkit that consists of different frameworks, documentation, and programming interfaces to design feature-rich applications on a budget.

How does it work?

Based on the Dart programming language, Flutter is an optimum solution to develop apps for Android and iOS, without having to write a separate code for each. What’s best is that the user interface is pretty responsive and native in spite of using a single code.

What makes Flutter stand out?

  • Cool single code

    With the thought of “simplifying user experiences” at its core, Flutter addresses complex cross platform challenges with ease to curate high quality applications for both Android, iOS, web & desktop operating systems. This is a boon for developers as well as users, as developers spend less time in writing code & they are able to focus more on enhancing the overall features of the application. Users too stand to benefit with the quality and speed of the application. Set-up and maintenance of this app development platform is far less complicated and doesn't require much to incorporate any changes to the code. Less set-up and complications and operating hassles, further contributes to an effortless development environment.

  • Easy, breezy development process

    The application development process on Flutter is rendered simple and efficient due to the single code. A single code approach also cuts down on the development time and it also enables the developers to use the code with different plugins to enhance the overall functionalities of the app. More energy is thus spent in testing the mobile app for smooth functioning of the overall functionalities. Another interesting point that adds to the ease of application development in Flutter, is the use of Dart programming language, which is fairly easy to comprehend. The versatility of this language makes it ideal for mobile app development framework.

  • Real-time development

    With features like 'Hot Reload' or 'Hot Restart', Flutter application development platform enables the developers to view any changes to the code in real-time, thus allowing them to improvise and focus on quality. They can easily check and remove any bugs in such a developing environment.

  • Fidget with widgets

    The widgets made available as part of the Flutter development framework provide a great creative edge to the application with added visuals, and features that make the UI intuitive and impactful. It also uses an excellent open-source graphics library that beautifully supplements the UI and offers a quick loading experience to the users. Each graphic library such as FL chart or Cupertino library is created to run on any operating system with a unique graphic outcome, different designs & patterns assisting the users to find the documents/files quickly & seamlessly

These light features are a huge factor for the popularity of the Flutter Application development environment in today's world. Renowned companies like Alibaba, Yandex, Airbnb, EMAAR, Tencent, Uber, eBay are already using this platform to develop cool applications for its customers. With such an incredible feature-rich potential on offer, Flutter is truly a radical tool available to the marketers to power-up their go-to-market campaigns and empower the customers.

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