Our mobile app development services with Flutter

Multi-Platform App with Single Codebase

Our Flutter developers will support all phases of a project, from discovery, design, development, and QA. We bring your ideas to life with the latest and most productive cross-platform app development tools and process.

Flutter Advantage

Build Cross-Platform apps with a single codebase using Flutter.

Why would you want a separate team, app, and process for each app platform? So instead, we use Flutter to write code once and build natively compiled apps for iOS and Android mobile application platforms as well as for Desktop, and Web. We have been working on Flutter for more than two years, and we haven't built a mobile app without using Flutter ever since.

Flutter App Development Services

Flutter is what you need for productive, modern app development.

The different stages involved in developing an app using Flutter include - Forming ideas, Design sprints, Development, Testing, and Deployment on stores. The ability of Flutter to build apps on multiple platforms with a single codebase can enable you to save a lot of development time. We have seen it benefits in terms of cost and development time across multiple cross-platform development project.

Cross-platform App Development.

Flutter enables cross-platform app development - with a single team and codebase.

  • iOS & Android apps.
  • Web apps
  • Mac, Linux, Windows desktop apps

Backend Cloud Development

Scalable infrastructure for high-performance cross-platform apps.

  • Firebase development
  • Google Cloud Platform / AWS
  • Serverless / Cloud Functions
  • Node / TypeScript / Javascript / Go

Cross-Platform App Design - UIUX

Great user experience and visual designs.

  • User Experience design
  • User Interface & visual design
  • User Research & testing
  • Animation & motion design

Product Management and Optimization.

Products optimized for successful outcomes.

  • Product strategy
  • Feature road mapping
  • Project management
  • Brand & business design

Analytics & App Performance.

Measure, learn, and improve your app.

  • Analytics strategy & metrics
  • Reporting & dashboards
  • Marketing automation
  • Notifications & messaging

App Store Management.

Optimize app presence for increased conversion.

  • App store setup
  • App store optimization
  • User feedback monitoring
  • App store listing management