Flutter Code Assessment

Prepare your Flutter app for production

Improve your app with expert recommendations for scalable code. Our Flutter engineers have more experience with Flutter apps on a larger scale than any other team. Our code evaluations help customers improve their code and prepare for scalable growth with proven best practices.

Need help with an existing Flutter codebase?

We'll help you with code review to make it production ready.

Our developers review your team's code line-by-line and provide constructive feedback. The review saves time and effort by ensuring code quality up-front rather than waiting until issues are discovered in production.

  • Step 1 - Code review

    Our team of experts will provide a comprehensive analysis of your existing Flutter codebase.

  • Step 2 - Recommendations

    The Code Assessment includes actionable recommendations that will help your team prioritize, plan, and implement improvements to your app and developer process.

Naming Conventions.

Although saying you need to make sure Flutter naming conventions are followed may sound obvious, the truth is that these are often overlooked. The main advantage of naming conventions is that they make your code more readable.


We Practice and recommend using Clean Architecture whic provide a clear seperation between data, domain, device and presentation layers. See our Flutter Starter Kit to know more about clean architecture.

Clean And Reusable Code.

We ensure that your code is formatted correctly, that you add the necessary comments for documentation, remove unused or commented code, and make code and widgets reusable where possible.

Widget Structure And Usage.

We validate theming, localization, and widget performance.

Building Method Structure.

Another important point is to make sure the build method is pure. Remember that side effects can be triggered by external factors such as route pop/push, screen resize or a parent widget recreating its child.

Package Structure.

When it comes to package structure, we ensure that you need only a single import that reexports all of the package's API.

Onboarding And documentation.

We make recommendations to improve onboarding for new developers.


We identify security risks and dangerous practices.


We check for testable code and test coverage for unit, widget, and integration tests.

We evaluate your codebase for scalable best practices.

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